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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Day 6 & 7 - Gets Worse before it Gets Better

I'm really trying to be positive, but my mojo has taken a real dip today.  The central heating system was drained so that they could re-route the pipe work and I've got no sink, cooker or washing machine.  

The ceiling in the lounge was stripped off, and they found a bird's nest in there including a couple of dead wasps nests!  How long they've been there is anyone's guess.  Thank goodness there weren't any inhabitants, otherwise we would've had real problems!

On a more cheerful note - they plastered the utility and the end kitchen wall and made good the kitchen ceiling, so at least it's more constructive rather than destructive.  I've got a workshop to prep for tomorrow and I need to find that mojo back!

Will be able to show you what we made after the event.  

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