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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Easter Basket

This basket is made up of 4 envelops adhered together.  The envelops are non-standard size and to make your own, start by drawing a rectangle 3.25" x 2.25", draw a flap above and below with the top flap overlapping the bottom flap just a little.  You need to draw a 0.25" flap on the left and right hand side also.  If you make the first into a template drawn on stiff card, the envelops will be easy replicate subsequently.  Just trace round it, score along the 3.25" x 2.25" rectangle for the folds.  Cut off the left and right side flaps on 2 of the envelops.  Lay the envelops in a line with long edge horizontally, and short edge vertically orientated.  Alternate first envelop with side flaps, 2nd envelop without, 3rd envelop with flaps, 4th without.  Fold on score lines, adhere envelops together with side flaps on inside of box.  Adhere bottom flaps to form base of box.
If you want to scallop the edges of the top flaps, do this before you assemble and adhere your box.

For the handle, I cut a strip of cardstock the same colour as the box (Gable Green) 1.5" x 11" and scalloped both edges, then pricked holes in centre of each scallop and adhered a length of Very Vanilla grosgrain down the centre with sticky strip.  To attach handle to box, I made a slot on the folds of the top flap on opposite sides, thread the strip through and adhered with sticky strip.  To finish,  a strip of DSP Tea Party measuring 1.5" x 12" was adhered to the side of the box.   An additional piece measuring 1.5" x 3.25" had to be added as the 12" piece wasn't quite long enough to cover the whole.

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