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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Late Christmas Card

Today we received a christmas card from an acquaintance who we met whilst on a grand tour of Italy to mark our Silver Wedding Anniversary in 2000.  The christmas card is from an elderly gentleman who was on tour with us together with his charming wife and she sent us a christmas card every year since until she died about 4 years ago from breast cancer.  We shared so many happy memories on that holiday that her widower continued to send us this annual epistle and when we didn't receive one last christmas I feared he had met some fearful demise.  Now I know why - for some reason the christmas card had been delivered to the wrong address, although on the envelope, Phil had addressed it correctly.  Whoever received it sent it back to Royal Mail saying we were not known at their address, return to sender.  Phil sent it to us belatedly after it had been returned to him together with an easter card.  I am just thankful he is alive and well!

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