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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Oops - and we all fall down!

I landed unceremoniously in a heap sitting on our temporary dining table which is a collapsible picnic table that folds out into a four seater bench and packs up into a long ,thin, flat trunk. My ever so galant other half was speechless trying to stifle his laughter but didn't succeed! Me, my laptop, the teacups (empty thankfully) got dumped unceremoniously on the floor and to top it off, the ironing board fell on top of me too. DH couldn't grab the camera fast enough to capture this moment.  


  1. Just brilliant! Your DH has my warped sense of humour in that he grabs the camera quick rather than help you up!! I never laughed so hard when Neil dislocated his knee a while back - he wasn't laughing! Hope your ok though - you looked like you survived it!

  2. Bet it was like being on Candid Camera! Hope you are ok after all that excitement!
    Sam x


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