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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Kitchen Update

We're into our 5th week of upheaval but it feels alot longer than that! The work surface was installed yesterday and although it might look uninteresting and boring to everyone else, bar us, we're tickled pink because it signifies that we're on the home straight and nearing completion. I love the worktop - it sparkles like "Dazzling Diamonds" from SU and when the sun catches all the sparkly bits embedded in the work surface, it throws rainbow specks of light on to the ceiling and walls.

There's still alot to do in the living and dining room though and it's going to be a manic time trying to finish these jobs before the carpet arrives on Monday 18th, just 3 days before Technique Club meeting - I don't care if we still have no doors, so long as we can put up a table and chairs so that my ladies have somewhere to sit and craft even if it is by the light of a bare bulb. Unfortunately our light fixture for the dining room still hasn't arrived yet!  What fun..... so I won't reveal all - just a teaser so you can see a bit of the draining part of the worktop, my new funky square sink, the upstand and cill which had to be specially cut for that section. The kitchen fitter is coming this afternoon to put the kick boards back and plinth lights, plumb in the sink, install the gas hob and replace the faulty units for new ones. Quite alot to achieve all in the space of this afternoon.

Fingers crossed we'll make the deadline for the 18th and by the 21st, we will at the very least be able to unveil our lounge suite which has been under wraps since it was delivered on the 6th. I am really looking forward to having somewhere comfy to sit. 

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  1. Looks wonderful, you need a bit of bling in your kitchen!


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