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Monday, 24 August 2009

Ski Slope Sour Cream container

A quick and easy favour box to make - not just for christmas but for any occasion.

Take a sheet of double sided paper measuring 4.25" x 5.5" and lay it landscape orientation. Have the underside of your paper face up. (The side you wish to have showing should be face down.) Adhere sticky strip along left 4.25" edge and a short piece of sticky strip only half way along the top edge. Then put a short sticky strip in the centre of your bottom edge which is the long side of your paper. Do not remove sticky strip backing off on this piece yet.
Remove the sticky strip along the 4.25" side and top edge and roll to form a cylindrical shape (like an empty loo roll), pinch that end together to seal. Fill with your desired filling - any type of sweet, mini marshmallows or savoury treat etc , remove the centre sticky strip backing, and pinch together in opposite direction of the other sealed edge and it will form the triangular shape.
Use a paper crimper to crimp both sealed edges. Attach ribbon and decoration as desired.

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