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Thursday, 24 September 2009

San Francisco

Our first morning in San Francisco included a city tour. The temperatures here dropped by 20 degrees compared to the desert and we had rolling fog first thing in the morning which clouded the views from Twin Peaks. We ended up in Sausalito - a really nice artsy place with lots of galleries and left the tour bus here and went back to San Francisco by Ferry. My new camera's panoramic feature captured the 'Frisco skyline perfectly!

The cable cars are turned round on a table at the end of the line each end. Fascinating to watch. If you want to be guaranteed a seat, you need to queue here and the queues are horrendously long whatever time of day.

We took a ride on the cable car, and the famous scenes from movies you see time and time again and here we were actually riding up and down Nobb Hill!

Unfortunately the mist clouded the view, but we just had to take a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge which depicts San Francisco.

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  1. Just looked at all your photos and it looks like you both had a fantastic time. You must have lost your breath so many times as all those sights were amazing. I am SOOOOO jealous and hope that one day we'll be able to make a trip like that! Can't wait to see all the other photos in your collection next time we meet up!


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