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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Halloween/Christmas Treat Buckets

I have been keeping this under my hat until today's class. I'd promised 6 buckets for each class and couldn't find the inspiration for the 6th Halloween one till the early hours of Sunday morning and that's when Count Dracula was "born". Thank goodness we had that extra hour with the clocks changing. I eventually crawled into bed at around 5 a.m., got 3 hours kip, and then had to start typing up class instructions!

Some of the ladies opted for the Christmas ones. I enjoyed bringing these to life. I grossly underestimated the time it would take to produce twelve 3D projects for today's class and worked like a trojan to deliver on time. There was a mountain of cutting to do, I took almost 100 photos for class notes, and a further 12 sets of instructions to document and produce. My printer flailed under the pressure, newly delivered from last Thursday, and a warning flashed up today saying that ink levels were low! My poor ladies didn't get their complete set of instructions, and I am grateful for their patience! They will be sent to you very soon.

1 comment:

  1. Goodness me Elaine, you like a challenge don't you!!!!! Sounds like you gave your ladies a wonderful class, well worth all your time and effort. The 3d items look fab!


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