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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Good Samaritan

I woke up this morning - the house was quieter than usual and I couldn't find my husband anywhere, yet his briefcase was still by the door! I popped my head out of the window in my craft room and these are the scenes that greeted me.

Then I espied him playing the Good Samaritan helping dig a neighbour out of a hole sporting the Stetson he acquired while we were touring the "wild west"! Our neighbour a couple of doors down had well and truly got stuck trying to get out of his drive.

They finally managed to get it back in his drive and it was then that DH decided that it was pointless trying to get into work, as we were well and truly snow bound! You can just make out how far our neighbour drove before being immobilised - a matter of a few yards!

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