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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A Tease # Clue 4

It "lights" the way. I hope you're still with me!


  1. I am lost now. I told you I was rubbish at guessing.... A 3D train card? Some sort of pop up card?

  2. oh oh oh oh, I know, I know miss, can I say, can I say. I haven't read other comments by the way, so don't know if you have already had the answer!!!! Want to see the whole thing though...

  3. Is it a paper lantern? I like this idea Elaine, I have been following each day!

  4. Is it a Valentine's card? I am completely baffled LOL (That Groom DSP is absolutely gorgeous though isn't it?)

  5. I did put a comment yesterday but obviously it had not been accepted. Seeing this photo, I think it is a 3D train. Seeing the last photo, I think that it might be right!!!???
    Some sort of carriage with wheels and lights and windows.


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