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Sunday, 11 April 2010


My apologies for the lack of post - it hasn't been a good week. We went to visit my daughter anxiously waiting for the arrival of a new grandchild, but baby didn't arrive till after we got back - that is the GOOD part - we're grandparents again and we get to meet him tomorrow as we will be going back to visit.

The valve in our shower misbehaved on the eve of us going away, water started to spout out from the thermostatic control instead of through the shower head - but as it was the start of the easter weekend, attending to it had to wait until our return.

This is what greeted us when we got home after the easter weekend. What a homecoming! A kindly neighbour had reported the incident and we had a crime number and DH had to deal with it with the police as soon as we got back. My car was neither secure nor weather proof and no-one could come and repair it till Wednesday. We put a tarpaulin over it as a temporary measure.

Overnight, the faulty valve in the shower sprang a leak and water started dripping into the kitchen through the kitchen ceiling just as DH was getting ready to go back to work - horror of horrors, our newly remodelled kitchen - we envisaged thousands of £s worth of damage. DH managed to stem the leak temporarily and an emergency plumber was called in and isolated the feed. We're still without a shower until our regular plumber returns from hols and can come and fix it.

Then to top it off, I lost a very, very expensive watch! We've turfed the house upside down and there's still no sign of it. Whilst we don't like pointing fingers at anyone, it does appear that I may have left it in the bathroom and we've had a stranger in the house and since his visit, my watch has gone missing.

They say bad things happens in threes - I hope this is the end of it! Needless to say, even with insurance there is an excess to pay, so it's turned out to be an extremely expensive week too! Going on holiday would have cost less!

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