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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A day at the farm

I've had a lovely break and just had to show you some of the highlights whilst we were away.

Kids Only - so grandpa had to just content himself with watching! This giant slide was one of the many kiddies' attractions.

The farm even had mini tractors, swings, slides, touch and feel areas, a teaching room, restaurant facilities, hand washing troughs so you could wash as soon as you'd finished petting the animals.

Our grandson wanted to go in this ingenious contraption called the "Whizzy Caterpillar" ride - plastic barrels converted into "buggy-on-wheels" with a safety harness attached (health & safety regs apply of course!) and towed along with a farm buggy!

If you were brave enough, bags of food were available for a small fee and you could feed them. They were a rather greedy bunch!

Seeing the llamas was a bonus. This one had such a lovely face and head of hair!

Farmer John kept some beautifully looked after llamas and goats in an enclosure so you could see them up close.

At the back of the barn, Farmer John had orphaned calves and lambs. They get fed twice a day so we were at the right place at the right time as we got to feed the calves as well as the lambs. Unbelievable how quickly the calves downed four pints of milk in the twinkling of an eye and how hard they suckled!

Feeding the orphaned lambs was the best bit!

This little Shetland foal was sooo cute!

I never expected to see a Wallaby so far from home in the middle of North Yorkshire! Made me feel quite homesick for "Oz". It was a super day out for the family and grandchildren.

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