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Sunday, 30 May 2010


The picture above is the Royal Pump Room Museum. The actual entrance to the original pump rooms (not pictured) is now a Chinese restaurant!

We'd never been to Harrogate before, and fell in love with the Victorian architecture and the wrought iron features on the buildings. It's a spa town situated in North Yorkshire made famous for its healing waters from its sulphur wells discovered in the Victorian era.

I loved the cosmopolitan feel to Harrogate...

with its...

...street cafe culture.

Coupled with the glorious sunshine, a quartet playing wind/brass instruments plus their singer made for a perfect day!


  1. Oh these photos bring back fond memories. I lived in Ripon (about 30 mins aways from Harrogate) for just over a year whilst at university and we regularly shopped and clubbed in Harrogate and York. It really is very beautiful up North. Hope you both had a splendid time.

  2. It's definately changed since we left there summer '96. Mind you I did have 2 young sons then so my prioritie were so different. looks like you had a lovely time xx


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