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Monday, 31 May 2010

RHS Harlow Carr

Okay, this is the last of the photos of our sojourn up North. Blessed with fantastic weather, we decided to visit the Royal Horticultural Society's gardens at Harlow Carr. This is the entrance from the car park.

We were thrilled to discover that there was a branch of Betty's Tea Rooms here too and after our walk through the gardens we had our first taste of a "fat rascal" on the terrace with this very pleasant view.

Betty's at RHS Harlow Carr also had a display of teapots which you can see more clearly in this picture.

This Primula "Margaret Martin" caught my eye as it had a rather unusual spotty stone coloured edge.

There were a profusion of tulips in tubs and exotic pots dotted around everywhere - we were lucky to catch them still thriving as its now past its best.

This is the tidiest, poshest potting shed I've ever seen!

Telephoto lens at work again - just love that thatched roof on this little hut.

A panoramic shot of this formal garden.

My Beloved surveying all around him, enjoying the tranquility and peace and quiet, sheltering from the sun in this shaded part of the garden.

Can you guess what this pile of logs represent?

I love it! It's the log-ness monster!

A drunken view of the bluebells!

Steel sculpture of an angel set back in the rockery.

Doric columns in this clearing.

We found this great "compost" bin outside Betty's Cafe right in the bowels of Harlow Carr - love the wire mesh teapot and the "tea-cup" spilling over with tulips.

I've never considered myself a photographer in the true sense of the word - but I'm rather proud of this shot - put it down to my camera with its "intelligent" feature as I just point and shoot!

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