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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Kent's Hop Farm Family Park

We took our son and grandson on a family outing on Sunday. After a shaky start weather wise, we had glorious sunshine for the rest of the day. By the time we arrived at the Hop Farm, the light showers had all gone. The first thing that greeted us after walking through the Llama area were the giant jumping pillows! It was such fun watching everyone bounce up and down and losing control! Impossible to stay upright and it looked like such fun even Daddy and Grandpa had a go too!

Haven't seen Mr Blobby for years - and here he was basking in the sunshine! So guess who had to have a quick cuddle!?*

The adventure playground was so well equipped and nicely laid out.

Ouch - coming down the fireman's pole!

We dropped in at the Paint a Pot - Arts & Crafts Centre - concentrating hard on painting a unique plate.

Subject matter? - It's beginning to take shape - yes! Shrek!

Daddy helping with the finishing touches - plate all set to go in the kiln - we're picking it up later today.

Next stop, the Magic Factory. Prepare to be amazed - neat illusions including this one where it appears that they have no bodies!

and this one looks as though there is a levitation in progress!

Donning our 3D shades to enter the Great Goblin 3D Hunt! - my boys!

Attempting to scale this climbing wall - 10 years on, less fit and alot heavier but keen to prove he hadn't lost the skill! When he was at Brunel University, they had a climbing wall there which he used frequently to keep fit.

A quick turn on the Carousel before we dived into the restaurant for a belated lunch.
There were alot of other rides too, but the lady behind the camera (namely, me) was too pooped to take any more owing to the heat of the midday sun! There were so many other attractions - an extreme sports centre, they even had a go at archery and visited the Enchanted Kingdom where a pirate galleon was "shipwrecked" in the biggest sandpit I've ever seen and you could dig for gold in exchange for chocolate coins!

and finally, an opportunity to learn about road safety at the mini driving school. A day to remember even though it's been tiring.

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