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Monday, 13 December 2010

Liege and its Christmas Market

We were left to our own devices for one whole day. After a late breakfast, our Tour Manager briefly gave us a familiarisation talk on Liege so that we could explore at our own pace.

The picture above shows the more historic part of Liege - we bought a cast iron tea pot from here. It was a tea palace with a fantastic range of different types of specialist teas from all over the world.

We bought a cast iron tea pot here, Japanese origin. The pot has to be rinsed with just hot water, no detergents etc allowed and left to air dry naturally.

We wandered through the older part of Liege...

...and came across the cathedral and went in to explore. Pretty impressive pulpit.

A rather grand Nativity Scene in the Cathedral in Liege.

Liege market wasn't quite what we expected. One of the sections had an ice skating rink.

What tickled me was this little boy who was obviously a beginner - he had a little penguin to support him and prevent him from falling down! How cute!

I laughed out loud when I saw these fir cones! One way of recycling fir cones - make them into Turkeys! Now I've seen everything!

These figures are incense burners - smoke comes out of their orifices - whether it's through their nostrils, mouth or pipes.... not my cup of tea, but you had to admire their creativity!

Lastly, we sampled some Tartiflette de Savoie - mixture of fried onion, potato, bacon (well it tasted like bacon)and melted cheese, just one of the many dishes you could try out at the stalls.

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