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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Issues with Blog settings

Well, I'm sorry there's no projects or pics as I've taken a break over the easter weekend - instead I'm being driven insane by trying to add new tabs and links to my blog and due to my incompetence, I'm going nowhere fast!

Just hope everyone had a nice easter and I'll be back with something for you to look at later this week!

Hope you all had a good Easter break! The Royal Wedding to look forward to on Friday when all eyes will be on the happy couple and best of all, another long weekend and my Owl Punch Class next Saturday! Then I get to see the other half of the family having seen my son and grandson on Sunday. They had a brill time in Beijing and even learnt some Mandarin while they were away!

I'm hoping my son will take pity on me and help me sort the blog out! It's soooo frustrating not being able to get it to do precisely what I want! Crikey, look at the time - I shall have to give it up as a bad job and get some sleep - need to be up early to take DH to work as his car's going in for a service!

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