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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mothering Sunday in UK

I hope all you yummy mummies across the miles are having a wonderful day.

I'm the luckiest girl alive and have had the most wonderful day. DH brought me breakfast in bed with my Mother's Day cards from the children, then he whisked me off to visit Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire which has just re-opened for the season. They had a French Market there this weekend and I didn't want a picture of the tents or bouncy castle so had to content myself with a picture of the upper half of the manor house taken from the front. Overall it looks like a fairy tale castle and this close up shot doesn't do it justice at all!

This was Baron Ferdinand's party house, no less, as he had a pad in London and had this house purpose built to house his collection of artworks. Widowed only a year after his marriage, losing his wife who died through childbirth, he never re-married, and his house was one of the first to have electricity and central heating!It's not like other stately homes you visit, the rooms are nicely proportioned and quite cosy.

This is the view from the parterre.

DH taking a closer look at the fountain clutching his newly purchased Mouton Cadet!

We managed to take a shot from inside the house looking out at this view.

As it's a spiral staircase, here's another view.

A close up of the fountain outside.

Walking round the back of the house - can't remember whether this was the east or west wing - I just wanted to capture the architectural detail.

I think this was the other end of the house, another turret - one almost expects Rapunzel to let down her hair!

After lunch in the cafe at the stable block we wandered off to find the Aviary which was an impressive wrought iron structure, beautifully preserved.

We also toured inside the house. Most of the house was dimly lit to preserve the artefacts, paintings and tapestries except for this little oasis.

I won't bore you with too much detail - this room shows off an impressive silver collection...

...and some of their Sevre collection.

I've had the most wonderful day, and now his nibs is preparing dinner and we can break open that bottle of Mouton Cadet Baron Philippe de Rothschild!

It's been ages since we've had some quality time together, especially since Sundays are his "shooting" days - not guns - arrows, so I really appreciate that he gave up his archery today to do something special today.

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