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Saturday, 23 April 2011


I'm so happy, I just had to tell everyone! Sad aren't I? Hehe! My laptop and I are finally re-united! We've been separated for over two weeks! The back light had gone, and I couldn't see a thing on the screen. Not something we could've fixed ourselves with the best will in the world. So, it's been an expensive weekend 'cos the repairs set us back by a hefty sum - we're talking in the hundreds - the spare part alone was £95.00! Then, horror of horrors, my trusty workhorse printer went kaput last Wednesday - I had to switch to using the other printer which we use for photos as an emergency - very heavy on ink AAARgh! - works out at 15 p per sheet! Gasp! So today we had to go get a new printer too!

Back from PC World now, DH has been doing some leg work and homework and even consulted the Argos Catalogue! Imagine his delight when he discovered the bargain from PCW - they were doing an offer, plus he got an extra 10% off on all the ink cartridges and had also been undercharged for the printer(Shhhh) so he's made a huge saving! We were originally going to get a laser printer as they've come down in price so much, but experts advised him against it. Operational costs for lasers are high, cartridges cost mega bucks to replace as you need to do them all at once even if only one colour runs out so we're back to using Hewlett Packard which has served us well. The new printer doesn't just print. It scans, multi pages rather than single ones, photo copies, doubles up as a fax and even does duplex printing as well so am chuffed to bits! One happy bunny, counting the hours, minutes, seconds till we hop on the train to see Torvill and Dean! Yay!

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