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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

WOYW?W #99

You'll espy some new stamps which have yet to see its first drop of ink! All I've managed to do is mount them. I must say that after the Easter w/e I'm finding my mojo engine rather slow to crank up and gather steam! My pink plastic wash baskets are poised and ready to house all the materials and/or accessories needed for Saturday's Owl Punch class, I have 3 more cards to design - there will be 6 cards, three 3-D projects plus an owl gift bag which need to be sorted and "filed" into each project basket for the class. The goodie bags have already been sorted and set aside. In the foreground is a piece of cardstock which I've scored at 1/2" intervals and inked to create a wood panel effect for one of the card designs - will show it in a later post as it's for Saturday's class.

Here is the beginning of a ribbon rose that I'm trying my hand at. Still working on the technique! The darn things are too slippy.

Now on to something unrelated to crafting. My son brought back some chopsticks in this beautifully presented box from Beijing.

My ethnic origin is Chinese, but having been born and bred in Oz (4th generation!), I can neither read nor write the language, although I can muster a smattering of oral Cantonese having lived in the Far East in the 70s!

There are also chopstick rests to go with it and exquisite paintings on the handles and rests which look hand painted. It's almost sacriligeous to use them as I don't think the paintings will stand up to being put through the dishwasher!

Happy WOYW?W - popping back to Julia's to cruise other desks.


  1. I love that ribbon rose there Elaine looks like it would be tricky! TFS
    Shaz in oz.x

  2. So many lovely things to see here! I have to give you kudos, for your tenacity in visiting the rest of the WOYWWED participants!!

  3. Very nice post. Love Stampin Up stamps!!! My husband brought me back a set of chopsticks when he went to Beijing last year! It is only for two but like you say it is almost too pretty to use. Thanks for sharing. Vickie aka okienurse

  4. Thanks for the peek and sharing,

    Hugs, Marjo #18 Have a great WOYWW

  5. What a lovely desk, and amazing chopsticks.

  6. Thanks for sharing, Happy Wednesday!!
    Hugs Marleen (#57)

  7. Great post today - I've got a load of mounting to do too. I think your flower looks really great. Onto learning the Chinese now! Cherish the chopsticks...

    Thanks for the peek - enjoy your week!

    Sarah at 8.

  8. That is a gorgeous gift, I agree I would be too scared to wash them, TFS them with us, Shaz #76

  9. Those chop sticks are so beautiful ...what a fantastic gift....maybe they should be displayed on the wall in a 12x12 box frame. Good luck with the rose ....I can remember making them with gift ribbon about 40 years ago, with a little difficulty but satin ribbon must make it so so hard.

  10. What a fabulous gift, the box is so pretty and the chopsticks and holders are stunning... hand wash only, I agree! Annette #5

  11. Working with that ribbon would test my patience:)

    Those chopsticks are amazing!

  12. Good lord that ribbon rose is amazing...am super impressed by your patience in the face of satin slippery! My workshop baskets are very boring compared to your proper basket shapes, how fun! Gorgeous set of chopsticks....use 'em...otherwise they just sit forgotten somewhere and that's not the point - you'l get so much pleasure from them.

  13. Oh - those chopsticks are so beautiful. I eat with chopsticks at least once a week, (I love my sushi and Chinese treats). They look so delicate. I loved your sons photos a couple of posts ago - he must have had an amazing trip.

    I look forward to seeing your owl creations - I have been making an owl punch projects sheet for my lovely ladies this week.

    Have a great weekend. X

  14. Gorgeous chopsticks set, and the rose is beautiful. I keep having a go and your right they are slippy!!! Love all those wonderful stamps and i bet you will have a fab time playing with. Hope saturday workshop goes well. Kezzy x

  15. Those chopstix are amazing!
    I wish we had stampin up in South Africa.
    Happy belated WOYWW

  16. Hi Elaine, I wrote a comment earlier but didn't realise you had the word verification on and went dashing on so here I am again. Your stamps look great and the ribbon rose is very pretty. Love the chopsticks which are far too beautiful to ever use. Hope your weekend has been a good one. Elizabeth x #108


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