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Monday, 13 June 2011

Progress Report on my Carousel

Remember the carousel I started a few weeks back and displayed on WOYWW here . Well, this is mark 1, the base, but the centre pole wouldn't stay upright so I had to start again!
Here is the new improved base which is much sturdier.  I recycled the doily, re-enforced the base of the pole (lollipop sticks) and used a glue gun and it did the trick.

At a recent meeting,  Lesley asked when I was going to finish the carousel, so this is just a sneak peek especially for you Lesley.  Still have a few tweaks to do in snatched moments.  It was a project I undertook merely to challenge myself and satisfy my own curiousity so that's why it's taken so long. It's not for scutinising at close quarters, that's reserved for my eyes only! ;)

Pop back later in the week.  It should be finished by then.

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