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Friday, 29 July 2011


My DH after much persuasion from his boss was asked to put in an application to become a Fellow of the Institute of Civil Engineers.  He had to list several attributes and work experience throughout his career according to the Institute's guidelines, the application goes before a judging panel and they deem whether or not the candidate is successful.  As it got closer and closer to "D-Day", it was only natural that DH began to doubt whether or not he should have applied in the first place.

The board met on Tuesday, and he got a phone call to say he'd been successful on Wednesday. So instead of having M.I.C.E. after his name, he can put F.I.C.E. instead!  I am so proud of him and since he found out, he's been a different man!  So this is the fun card I made him from my personal collection.  You'll recognise Pacific Point card stock, but the other papers are ones which my BIL brought over from Oz.

This is the side view of the card.  I can't take credit for the design, a lovely friend of mine who shares my passion for SU product sent me a beautiful card together with instructions on how to make it!  Bless her - I will share her gorgeous card in another post.

1 comment:

  1. Love the card Elaine, congrats to your Husband on his achievement.
    Irene x


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