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Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Bonza Day!

I had such a lovely day yesterday.  It was my birthday and I'm not one to make a fanfare of it.  When you hit a certain age,  one tends not to herald the fact  that with each passing year it brings us closer to our final resting place!   A thought too terrifying even to contemplate!

The day started with a call from my daughter and hearing my grandson singing "happy birthday" on the phone.  DH brought me breakfast in bed, fresh percolated proper coffee with croissants while I opened my cards and pressies.

I had a lazy morning, and did venture into my craft room to do some commissioned work even though I'd promised myself some time off.   Everything had been designed and it wasn't too taxing making gift labels, just alot of it to assemble!     I stopped when DH took me out to lunch and when we got home this is what I found in the porch - some beautiful calla lillies

accompanied by this beautiful card.

I'm afraid I've been a bad blogger.  My family's visit from down under is imminent and juggling SU work, commissioned work and dealing with running the home and getting it habitable for our visitors has taken up alot of my time.  So instead of showing you my work, here's some of the beautiful hand made creations of others which I received on my birthday.

and I've saved the best till last .... a truly special card made by the talented Val who is a true perfectionist.

Not just a card - but it was a gift in itself as it came in this beautiful box.

Late afternoon some friends dropped by bearing gifts and I just had to share this beauty because I've never seen one before in all my  (**)years!

A handblown night light ornament for a tea light.     

Finally to round off the day, DH whisked me off to the cinema to see a teehee movie  "Johnny English Reborn" in VIP seats which he had booked for the evening!

I felt thoroughly spoilt and am so thankful to have such wonderful friends and family.  Thank you everyone.  You all mean so much to me and I feel truly blessed.

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