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Saturday, 26 November 2011

CONVENTION 2011 - DAY 2, (Paris Disneyland Day 3)

Another full day program.  Business talk followed by more demos on upcoming products by Shelli herself. 

I had a panicky moment, forgot my camera - in fact I thought I'd lost it!  I had to excuse myself and hurry back to Sequoia Lodge where we were staying to look for it.  I couldn't remember whether I'd left it in the bar the night before as I had no recollection of having taken it with me back to my room. It wasn't so much the monetary value of the camera, although that did matter too, but the fact that had I lost my camera I would have lost all those precious photos I'd captured from the start of the Convention trip!   I was mindful of not waking my roomie up from her slumber as I was late getting back and had fumbled around in the dark so I must have just bunged it in my suitcase without thinking.

Darn! I missed part of the lectures and also a part of Shelli's demo and her exciting announcements.  I caught up though, thanks to fellow team mates.   You'll be blown away as soon as us Demos can share the info with you - hold on to your hats!  This is REALLY MEGA!  You'll want to book your own workshop come the new year - you really won't want to miss out on what's coming next!!!!

We then had some break out classes - one of which was brilliantly presented by the lovely Hayley on the extreme left and you'll recognise another fellow team mate by now, the lovely Elizabeth on the extreme right!

Here are the rest of the presenters who Paula, our Country Manager, gathered on stage to take their bow.  Their business tips and experiences they shared were brilliant!

After lunch and some free time to do the Make & Takes, we had more business talk and demonstrations with Shannon West from the Home Office, and Charlotte Harding based in Frankfurt.  They both demonstrated some fantastic projects and the one shown in this picture is an apron that Shannon had made using the Timeless Portrait fabric.  Shannon presented one she had made in the Spice fabric for Charlotte as a surprise, and Charlotte was quite overcome with emotion!

Here's Charlotte in her party frock looking rather fetching on Awards night! 

The following pictures are just some of the amazing creations dotted around on the display boards and Memento Mall.

After Convention wrapped up, we were free to do as we pleased.  Some demonstrators left straight after the Convention, some, like our group, stayed overnight and went out for a meal in Planet Hollywood that evening, which  was such a giggle.  We had an Italian waiter who rather fancied himself as God's gift to women, rather like Vincent Simone of Strictly Come Dancing fame as he flirted outrageously with us womenfolk - one of whom could easily have been his grandma (namely me!), and some bought a ticket for the park to watch the electric light parade.

Whatever the chosen pastime, it was nice to be able to reflect on the last two full on days and chill with fellow demonstrators of like mind.

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