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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Pines and Pointsettias

I thought I'd squeeze in a post in case you thought I'd completely abandoned my blog! Time is at a premium - and Convention is looming and I still have Mum staying - it's such a long way for her to come I feel that she is really my priority at the moment. Who knows when she'll be able to make the arduous journey back to Blighty(UK) from Down Under (Australia) especially since she's 80+ years young.

Have you started your countdown to christmas yet?  Maybe it's a tad early for some, but I have been holding a series of Countdown to Christmas classes and I have been experimenting with different concepts and cased this from a tutorial at SCS.

There's hidden treasure when you open it!  A variation of the Fantasy Box I made for our team quarterly training  for my display way back in January 2011 which you can find  here .

This is what it looks like fully opened.  Great for putting perhaps a suite of jewellery, co-ordinating ear-rings, necklace and bracelet in or anything you fancy, all gift wrapped and ready to go!

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