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Sunday, 27 November 2011


Us die hards who wanted to make the most of our last day - our flight was 2120 at night, so we bought an all day ticket for the larger Disneyland park.  Poor Elizabeth had caught a cold, and feeling a little delicate.  We had an early breakfast, bid farewell to Hayley who had an early train to catch, and took advantage of entering the park a good two hours before it opened to the general public (one of the perks of staying in the Disney hotels).

Our first glimpse of the iconic fairy castle!  We'd been well and truly sprinkled with Disney's magic pixie dust!

Michelle was in her element having got her wish to go on the teacup rides!  Only one brave enough to go on it straight after breakfast!

We opted for the gentler Dumbo ride!


It's a Small World - an even more gentle boat ride!  El lost her bottle of water and we played spot the bottle in the Small World lake!
Our two intrepid Fast Track pros and experienced Disney fanatics!  

I'm afraid I plain forgot to take pictures in the end until we stopped for lunch and were treated to a "concert" from Mickey and the Genie of the Lamp.  We'd stopped for lunch and from where we sat, we could see the stage, so I took these with the telephoto lens.

We left the park at 4.00 pm to walk back to the hotel, collect our bags and catch the coach to Orly Ouest for our homeward bound journey.  Visiting the park was my guilty pleasure - and I'm hopeful that now I've had a taster, hubby will join me for another visit next year.

Next year's Convention is in Mainz, Germany - anyone care to join me?    Ask me how!  Email me at elaine.harding@googlemail.com

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