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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Countdown to Christmas #3

This was the final class in my Countdown to Christmas series.  The ladies made a christmas curled paper wreath with Stampin' Up!'s Holly Berry specialty papers.    The ladies worked like Trojans and managed to finish the wreath in time with minutes to spare, so they made the christmas bauble too.  The baubles are dead easy to make - great to keep your kids occupied making them and took no time at all. 

Here's how.  The bauble uses the larger scallop circle die cut from the Perfect Pennants Bigz die which is sandwiched between two 2 1/2" circle bases. So to assemble one bauble you will need the following:

1 x larger scallop Perfect Pennants Bigz die
2 x 2 1/2" circles coordinating plain cardstock circles
8 x 2 1/2" circles in  double sided DSP folded in quarters
2 x 2 1/2" sticky sheet circles 
9" of ribbon - it depends on how long you want your loop
double sided tape and/or wet adhesive.

The sticky sheets are on page 122 in the main catalogue.  I used one of the 2 1/2" circles to trace 2 1/2" circles on the back of the sticky sheets and cut it out with scissors rather than using a punch or die.  (The sticky gets your punches/dies sticky too, and these are much more difficult to clean than a pair of scissors.  Sticky sheets works the same as Stampin' Up!'s sticky strip.  The Sticky Sheets allows you to customise its use to your project.) 

To assemble you need to do it in two halves.  For first half,  remove all of the red protective layer on your sticky sheet circle, and adhere it to the 2 1/2" plain cardstock circle.  You will be left with a white layer, underneath which it is also sticky.  Peel the second protective white layer  back half way, adhere two of your folded DSP quarters.    Remove the rest of the white protective layer, adhere the next two folded DSP quarters. (You  need 4 folded DSP quarters to make up each half.) Once you've adhered the four folded quarters, flip it over  and apply wet adhesive or double sided tape and glue it to the scallop circle.  Please note that before adhering to scallop circle, attach one end of ribbon to scallop circle. Take care that the ribbon placement is directly in line with centre line of your folded quarters otherwise it won't hang right when suspended.   Repeat for other side, loop the ribbon and attach to other side of scallop circle before adhering second half of ornament and you're done! Just fluff up the papers and voila!

You can step it up too - add dazzling diamonds round scallop edge, or glass glitter with crystal effects.  Step it up even further by adding rhinestones or pearls.  

Tip:  If you find you've stuck your quarters on the wrong way round and it's facing the wrong way,  just refold them to face the right way - easily done as only one quarter of the circle is stuck down.

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