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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Tea Time! and Everyday Enchantment DSP

Great minds think alike!  I'd already gone into production making these little beauties when I discovered that Amanda had also chosen to make this at this month's monthly meeting!   I didn't want to go back to the drawing board to make something else for Amanda's 1st Level Fun Day, it would have meant I'd  wasted time and energy and that lovely DSP being scrapped so I carried on and finished it.

Amanda already had enough volunteers for the shoe box swaps, and I didn't feel comfortable taking something (making cards from other people's shoe box) without giving something back, so I made these bags to hold a tea bag, a cookie and a little 3"x 3" card in the other pocket.  I will share the card in another post.   Thank you to Debi Pippin who originally designed this and demonstrated it at the San Antonio Regionals earlier this year.

Now not everyone is a tea drinker - so I made some that had hot chocolate instead.  They were too long and puffy to go in the pockets, so I put the cookie in the pocket and the hot chocolate in the middle stuck down with glue dots.

I made these from Stampin' Up!'s Sugar Pressed Cookie recipe and here they are baking in the oven.  Proof that I made them, and they're not shop bought!

Here it is cooling down so I can bag and wrap them for my swaps tomorrow!    Looks like I nibbled on the edge of this one but I swear I didn't, it was probably too close to the edge of the tray and it got scrunched.   Needless to say, I made a few extra and they're now nestling comfortably in my tummy washed down with a nice cuppa!   Yumm......


  1. Thank you so much for these wonderful swaps, I am still admiring mine, but I don't think it will last much longer than Monday morning !
    It was lovely to spend the day with you all.

  2. these are just gorgeous! love this dsp so much but haven't got any in this promo! x


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