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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Time Out with Family

I have taken some time off as my classes and committments drew to a close in July for a summer break and to my dismay I discovered this morning that all the crafty posts I had pre-scheduled for the blog had run out.   

So for the Sunday share today, I'm just blogging about the fun day we had at Fishers Farm Park yesterday.   My daughter is visiting so we had a family day out.   Our first stop was at the pony rides as there was only one scheduled in the day and we didn't want them to miss out.  Posing for a photo shoot this cheeky monkey stuck his tongue at me!

Both my grandsons having a go on the death slides - they've even got one for babies and toddlers which is a much gentler version!

He's barely five and appears to have no fear of heights!

....and here's the little one who has just turned two and is a dare devil himself and tries to emulate everything his bigger brother does!

While on babysitting duties, we  visited Fishers Farm Park for the first time last year.   Our grandson tried his hand at this hand paddle boat but chickened out after two minutes.  Shows you what a difference a year makes - he couldn't wait to get back on and loved it.

After all the rain we've had recently, it was fantastic to see the sunshine.  Here they are enjoying the Barrel Bug ride.

It was a welcome distraction from all the Olympic hype - did you watch/enjoy the Olympic Opening Ceremony?    A little quirky for our international viewers, I expect - but I hope they understood the nod to being British and their sense of humour!   The Queen and James Bond, really?  Totally unexpected and what about Bean and Chariots of Fire? Hilarious!  Good luck to Team GB.

Have a fab holiday everyone. 

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