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Thursday, 29 November 2012

3D Snowflake

I still haven't got organised enough to take pictures of my projects and edit them for the blog and then schedule them so this will be a quick post!  I seem to be chasing my tail.  Life just gets in the way of crafting!
This was made with 3" x 3" squares of DSP,  folded diagonally, 3 equal cuts just short of the centre then points folded and held together with glue dots.  Great project to do with the kids.  Depending how old the children are, it may need adult supervision!


  1. Oh that is so pretty Elaine - what is the technique called? I would love to see a tutorial.

    1. I don't know what category it'll come under - I suppose it's a bit of origami and cutting.

      Will have to make it again and take pics - easier to explain visually than the written word. Haven't got round to doing videos yet ;) That would be a better option! Need to wait till my nails grow and get a manicure!!!! lol!


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