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Friday, 1 November 2013

Yay!!!! Envelop Punch Board Coming on November 1st!

EXCITED or what?  You can order these as of 1 November, 2013!  I have a video and card tutorial on my weekly Wednesday Workshop Wow slot.  I've had such fun using this tool for fun projects!

Item Code: 133774    24,95€ / £17.95

I have had to delay sharing the video on projects I did using this board until its official launch date, so watch out for it on 6 November.

It's a FANTASTIC tool!  I wouldn't be without mine now that I've test driven it.  Put it on your christmas wish list, or better still, buy it now - it's very affordable and  it is  such a handy gizmo to help you make all those lovely personal touches!

Get in touch, or shop with me here.

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