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Monday, 13 January 2014


Here is a simple MDS layout of a visit to Mulka's Cave in Australia.

I used "Love This" DSP kit as the paper resembled Aborigine type paintings for my background and dropped the photos in and matted them.

The banner is from Embellishments "All Time Fave", Vintage trinkers, and Designer Kits Finest Simplicity which I used as journalling boxes.

The arrow is from the Designer Kits - Hello There.

In case you're interested, Mulka's Cave is near Wave Rock. Legend has it that Mulka was the illegal son of an Aborigine woman who fell in love with a man with whom marriage was forbidden according to their law. As a  consequence of the forbidden union and breaking the rules, it is believed her child had been cursed and he was born severely cross-eyed.  As Mulka grew up, his affliction prevented him from throwing a spear accurately and he could not hunt like his peer group.  He ran away, sheltered in the cave.  Fruits and berries alone couldn't sustain him, so he began kidnapping babies from the village and consumed them.  His mother sought him out and chastised him, but he turned on her and murdered her.  The Aboriginal people from the area were outraged and tracked him down and speared him to death. They  left him to the ants as a grim warning to other law breakers as he did not deserve a proper ritual burial.

It's really eerie there, and if you look at this particular spot in the cave, legend has it that you can see Mulka's image on the cave roof through a camera lens.

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