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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Burlap and Bloom Wreath

G'day! (as the Aussies say).   In my inimitable way, I couldn't simply follow the given design for this wreath kit and tweaked and added my own personal touches.

Everything you need to make a flat wreath has been provided but I prefer the more rounded shape.  I had some stuffing in reserve for making cushions, but used it on the wreath instead.  The flowers on the Stampin' Up! Kit work sheet had the flowers going up on the left, but I turned mine around to go up the right.  I also sponged and curled my petals and used some extra burlap ribbon to make the bow at the top.  I used a hot glue gun to attach the flowers to the wreath and to anchor the ribbon.

The  one above was made by the lovely Suzanne Tilney, a fellow demo and she's followed the instructions in the kit for a completely different look!  I've stolen her picture so you could admire the different styles!  I'm not sure which I prefer.  I love Suzanne's too!

Burlap and Blooms Simply Created Wreath Kit

Burlap And Blooms Simply Created Wreath Kit133333

Celebrate spring with a flowery wreath that will stay fresh all season long. Colorful paper flowers on an earthy burlap base welcome spring in style.

■ 13" chipboard wreath form
■ Die-cut designer printed paper for creating 15 flowers
■ Approx. 7 yards of Burlap Ribbon
■ 24" of Natural Linen Thread
■ 4 Designer Buttons; 2 brads

Has this inspired you to make one too?

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