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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Around the World Seeing Double!!!

Sundays seem to come round so fast!  This time next week I'll be spending some quality time with my daughter and her family.  On the Saturday though, we have a Regional Training day in Telford and I can barely contain my excitement!  I'm hoping there'll be some sneak peeks!

I digress - I guess you'd rather hear more about the card. 

It looks like a normal card, right - pretty nondescript?

Well, it does, till you open it!  Squeal!  It opens up into a double easel card. So easy to make. This will be one of the cards I'll be teaching in June - the topic being fun folds.  Do you see the little suitcase on the left?  I love that it pops up too when you open up the card.

Here's the back.

Just some housekeeping - you'll notice that sometimes the links and pictures on my materials supply list may have headings, and some do not.  This depends on which computer I'm on. The programs on my desktop (PC) are not compatible with my laptop (Mac) so I have to use a different program when I'm using the Mac.  The one on the Mac lists the product name and the pictures are bigger, but the one on the desktop  doesn't. However, if you hover the mouse over the bottom right corner of the smaller pictures (indication that they were posted from the desktop PC), the name of the product will pop up.  
Enjoy your weekend.  Stamping and crafting hugs!

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