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Friday, 18 July 2014

Down by the Sea?

The Brits favourite topic is the weather - how cold, how wet, how hot?   Well, it certainly is hotting up! Time to show off something that evokes thoughts of being by the sea, don't you think?

Too many moons ago than I care to remember, Hubs and I met in Hong Kong when it was still a British Crown Colony. We met, fell in love and got hitched all within the space of 6 months!  He proposed after 3 and after such a short courtship, it's amazing we're still together and approaching our Ruby next year!  So this card evokes a lot of memories of our time in Hong Kong, surrounded by water and sporting the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (lifetime members still) colours.

There was an abundance of crabs and lobsters cooked all sorts of ways - I do miss the food there some of them still in the tank where you pick your own!  Happy days!

Hover over the bottom right of each picture to view item and click if you wish to make a purchase as it will take you directly to my online store.

Have a great weekend.

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