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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Proud Great Grandma!

I'm not really that ancient, although I do feel like that sometimes! lol!  So how did I become a Great Grandma?

When you join the Stampin' Up! family as a Demonstrator, you need an upline. I am my recruit's "mum", let's call her Jill, and she's in Level 1 of my team. So if Jill recruited, I am "grandma" to her recruit  - let's call Jill's recruit Sue, who will be in Level 2 in my team but will be Jill's Level 1.  Now if Sue went on to recruit, let's call Sue's recruit Jane, then Jane will be Level 1 in Sue's team, Level 2 in Jill's team, and Level 3 in my team. That makes me "mum" to Jill, "grandma" to Sue, and "great-grandma" to Jane.

I always like to recognise my team's achievements by sending them a card when they promote.  Here's one I sent Victoria (Level 3 in my team) who recently promoted to Silver 1.

She's on fire in the recruiting stakes, and has gone on to recruit even more, so in recognition of her achievements, she received the team mascot (a butterfly) and this little gift from me.  Want to see inside the hamburger box?  This is one of our new dies.  More of those to come in another post! or check out my facebook page here for other snippets of news!  I'd love for you to like and share my page!

Each bead represents a promotion or recruit, so you can see, she's been working very hard!  Well done Victoria from a very proud great grandma!

Have you ever wondered what Stampin' Up! Demonstrators get up to?  Here is a snippet of what happened at our Quarterly Training in Telford.  Some of my lovely team mates are in there, you know who you are!

So would you like to join my team?


  1. Absolutely adore my charms. Really beautiful and something to treasure for ever. Thank you.

  2. Well done Victoria, you're welcome. Incentive trip next?


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