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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

102 From the Herd Card

My desktop has died, all my files on the hard drive cannot be retrieved.  Fortunately I back up all my pictures and videos on an external hard drive so it is nothing short of a miracle that I've managed to cobble this week's video together thanks to having the use of hubby's 27" monster.  So it's been a steep learning curve getting au fait with Windows 8.   

Eek!  We are almost saying good-bye to the 2014-15 catty!  I haven't inked From the Herd yet, so squeezing it in just in the nick of time!  This set makes me giggle - puns on words like "pasture birthday"!  Enjoy!

Hope you like it!  Don't forget the weekly deals!

1 comment:

  1. Great cards. My laptop died few weeks ago. Hadn't backed up things :-( have very clever son though whilo did retrieve it all- lesson learned! Also had to get used to windows 8 !!!!!:-)


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