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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Sunday share

I don't have a project to show you today as such but I have some exciting news  - exciting for us at least!

July is hurtling by at an alarming speed - life never seems to let up!  To be honest, I'd rather be busy than to sit idly twiddling my thumbs.  

Have you heard of South Hill Designs?  I thought it was time I shared that this is my secret pleasure and I am hooked on their range of lockets.  Here's the latest.  The picture doesn't do it justice, it's in a rose gold  tone and I adore it! 

I ended my week by making these gift boxes to hold not only the jewellery, but  also hold the South Hill Design information cards on how to take care of jewellery.  As the recipients haven't received it yet, I can't show you what the box looks like from the outside.  

As this was for my personal use, some of the products you see here have  been retired and are no longer available.  Be warned!   

Now for my news - this is my lovely niece - a picture taken in 2003 when they last visited UK - if she sees this on my blog, she'll probably kill me!   I can hear her Aussie twang saying Aunty Elaine, how could you do this to me!

Well there is a reason, look what a beautiful young lady she's grown into! This was taken on Christmas Day in 2013 when we spent it in Oz!

She's been saving hard, and has just asked if she can come and stay with us until she finds a place to rent in London as she and a group of her friends are coming over  on a working holiday!  Wowser!   In my youth, I led a pretty sheltered existence - and I admire the youngsters these days who have a sense of adventure and the courage to sieze the day!

Roll on August 1st!  

I hope you're enjoying the sunshine!

Stampin' hugs!

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