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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Picture Perfect

Long story short, a friend's partner rang DH to ask for some help in making a gift coupon, and as DH was out, I happened to take the call and ended up doing the brief!  It challenged me to make the gift voucher to reflect 3 hair treatments that he had pre-paid for her special birthday.  Fantastic idea - but I had to put my thinking cap on in Word.  Happier making the gift coupon wallet! lol!  Anyway, job done and he was pleased with the result.

The gift wallet are the same measurements as the one I made in this post here. I've used the Picture Perfect 3-step stamping set.  Mr Brown (UPS)  had only just delivered it so it was great to have an excuse to use it straight away!  

EEEK!  I didn't realise how many stamp sets I pulled to make this card!  Got a bit carried away! That's what's great about being a Demo - you can let your creative juices flow because I have such a humoungous library of stamp sets, tools and ink pads much to my darling husband's despair!

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