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Sunday, 12 June 2016

WI Presentation

I was asked to give a talk on papercrafting by the WI in our local area and I made these to use up some In Colour papers that I still had from 2 years ago!  I was so reluctant to part with them because they really were my most favourite colours of all time and I was really sad to see them go.  

Everyone who filled in their door prize form could help themselves to my treat mountain.

After the talk we had a little Make & Take session, so I also had to make up 70 card packs for the members to make, which posed a dilemma for me as I didn't have 7 of the same punches nor would I have every ordered 7 of the same stamp set!

Then I had a light bulb moment!  I split the same stamp set, Petite Petals, using 2 of the floral stamps for each card design and did the same with the Gorgeous Grunge set.  So that took care of 3 tables seating 10 people each and I had 3 petite petal punches.   I did the same with the Flower Shop stamp set and paired that with Timeless Textures, but I only had 2 flower shop punches, so for the 6th design, I used the itty butterfly punch instead with Papillon Potpourri stamp set.  For the 7th table, I used Kinda Electic with Papillon Potpourri with  the itty butterfly punch too.  Voila, job done!

I worked with 2 ink pads per card, all different so that I didn't have to have multiples of the same ink pad either.  Here's a collage of the cards that the ladies made.

Each card design had its own instruction sheet, and 2 samples of the made up card per table and I floated from table to table to oversee things.

Truth be told, I went through the whole gamut of emotions, from flattered to have been asked to fear and trepidation of the event and the sheer scale of the talk to take place!

Designing the cards were a cinch, the written word more daunting.  My darling hubby timed and critiqued my speech and delivery and as he's used to public speaking he suggested index cards and bullet points would be more natural.   On the actual day, I surprised myself,  I hardly looked at the crib sheet and waxed lyrical.  Once I got going those nerves evaporated.

My best feedback was the complimentary comments afterwards and how much they enjoyed it and coming home, the immense relief that the job I'd dreaded so much, was a job well done.   

I still needed a  stiff drink as soon as I got in though, and bless hubby, he said there was no point going home then coming back to fetch me, he just sat in the car park to wait for me.   Love that man!

What mountain did you have to climb this week?  That was mine, and it just goes to show, when you tackle anything in life out of your comfort zone, you'll surprise yourself at what you can achieve and you'll grow from the experience.  I'm so glad I did it and if I get asked again, I won't be so fearful as I was this time!

Happy Sunday,  enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Love and smiles

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