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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Re-Posting Christmas Countdown #Wk 8 video

I am re-posting Christmas Countdown #Wk 8 - episode 245.  At time of making post public, YouTube flagged my video as having violated their community guidelines. As you can imagine I didn't think I had and truth be told,  I was extremely upset and the incident kept me awake all night. 

YouTube allow you one appeal, so naturally I appealed.   However, there's no way you can check whether or not that appeal was sent as you do not have a record of any communication with YouTube whatsoever in any shape or form.

Hubby re-assured me that perhaps it was just an automated thing written into the software that flags it up for review and it isn't until you appeal that someone in human form will actually view the video and pass judgement on it.

I received an email on Sunday, to say that I hadn't violated their community guidelines after all and YouTube have re-instated my video and said that my account is in good standing.

Some of you have privately emailed me to tell me you couldn't view it, hence I'm re-posting it so you can.  I am so grateful that you've taken an interest in my creations and for your taking the time to visit my blog and listen to my ramblings.  My apologies for the inconvenience.

By the way, there was no apology nor explanation as to why they removed my video in the first place!

Food for thought - automated messages from banks, and services - you can never get hold of a real person when you need one and with further advances into the world of technology one wonders if the age of robots doing everything isn't fast becoming a reality!  What's our world going to look like in 20 years time?

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