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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Gulp! Hitting 40!

When I saw those decades pass me by, it didn't bother me so much but when your Son & Heir hits 40 that's a reality check!  Now I know how my Mum and Dad felt when I hit the big "Four Oh" which to me  as a Senior, sounds incredibly YOUNG!!!!

Yes, our little boy - who's not so little turned 40 this week and if I close my eyes, I can still see him as a tiny tot, knee high to a grasshopper when he gave us palpitations having got separated from us and was momentarily lost in a HUGE shopping complex in Hong Kong called "Ocean Terminal"  - I have no idea whether it still exists.  Long story short, he was exerting his independence and refused to hold hands,  I thought he was with his Dad, and his Dad thought he was with me and when we caught up with each other, neither he nor I had our boy.  We died a thousand deaths frantically retracing our steps and calling out for him.  He had the good sense to tell one of the shop keepers he'd lost his Mum and Dad and you can imagine our relief when the tannoy  blared "Will the parents of a 3 year old boy in  Buster Brown yellow shorts and T-shirt please make yourself known at the information desk" ...........sigh, seems such a long, long time ago!

Here's the card I made him.  

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