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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Different type of Gardening!

I can't believe a week has gone by since my Sale-a-bration Second Release event and I promised I would show some of the projects in greater detail.  Meet the Vertical Garden Project Kit.

Hands up if you've seen the Vertical Garden Project Kit in the Spring/Summer 2017 catalogue and glossed over it!  I'm guilty of it too and brushed it aside many times before biting the bullet.  Isn't it always the way - something put on the back burner and then when you eventually get round to it, the task wasn't as difficult as it first appeared.  Even more surprising was how easy it all came together and how quickly too!  

The only thing which was a tad tricky was mastering the glue gun to glue those spiral paper roses! Rolling the paper spiral to make the rose wasn't the problem, it was getting them stuck down, but happy to report that after the 3rd attempt, it was plain sailing for the rest. 

Assembling these made me want to do more and you can with the "Oh so Succulent" bundle - stamps and a coordinating set of dies to make as many as your heart's desire.

Happy Sunday!

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