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Sunday, 19 March 2017

March Watercolouring Class

It's been a difficult week - our internet service has been interrupted so many times, and last weekend it just packed up.  Despite having the router replaced with a new router, we were still having reception problems.  In fact we had NO internet and had to resort to using our phones as a personal hotspot, and even this is now no longer working.  Uploading video tutes became a huge problem!  We had a last ditch attempt to call our service provider one last time to try and fix it and miraculously, the thin blue light came on and stayed on!  I made hay while the going was good, uploaded my videos and touchwood, todate, that solid blue light is still on.

Uploading video files is no joke - what would normally take minutes on the home broadband would, on the personal hotspot,  take hours!  Added to that increasing the data plan to accommodate this costs a fortune, and we are already paying a fortune for our broadband service which just wasn't functioning!   We have a technician scheduled for this Monday, hubby said to keep the appointment regardless whether we were still "all systems go" to check everything OK.  Rolls eyes - technology is wonderful when it's working, and absolute pants when it's not!  Rant over ......onto a nicer crafty topic!

One of my ladies requested a class on how to use the watercolour pencils so this was the topic for our March  class.  These were the cards  I designed.


My thanks to Dena, an American Demonstrator who was instrumental in inspiring this technique.  I used the flat of my pencil and lightly sketched circles, starting with the smallest circle in Daffodil Delight, the circle next to that in Pumpkin Pie, and the one after that in Calypso Coral on  dry Watercolour paper.  Then I used the aqua painter and blended each circle, cleaning the brush tip whenever I changed colour.

For this card, I scribbled patches of colour on vellum card stock, then used a blender pen to blend the patches, cleaning the blender pen with each change of colour. I die cut the dragonflies with the coloured side face down.  With the inked/blended side face down, this prevents the ink from rubbing off because the un-inked side is face up.

I used shimmery white card stock for this card as it is more forgiving when it is wet.  I scribbled patches of all the rainbow colours on a scratch piece of paper to use as my palette.  With a spritzer filled with tap water, I spritzed the Shimmery White card stock until it was wet, and the water pooled on the surface.     Then I used the aqua painter to pick up colour from the scratch paper palette and applied it to the wet shimmery card surface to create this abstract look.  Allow to dry, then you can stamp or embellish it as desired.

My ladies loved it.  How about you?

Happy Sunday!

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