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Sunday, 2 April 2017


I wish there were more hours in the day.  Of late, I seem to be chasing my tail and the tasks I have set myself are taking forever to achieve within the time frame I have left!  So I have no card to show you today but just sharing a reflection of a lovely day.

This weekend is so different from the last.  I was forced to take time out on Mothering Sunday and very much appreciated hubby having given up his usual weekly archery fix to take me out to Wisley.

We were lucky to catch the orchids in the glass house - the photos are all on my phone and I have to email them to myself in order to blog with it!  Too laborious so here's a snippet!

and through our walk, this gorgeous field of crocus in bloom.

There will be a bevy of Stampin' Up! Demos congregating in Amsterdam for OnStage Live next week and I am treading water very fast in order to be ready for it.  Swaps?  Not even started, and it pains me to say that some of my Stampin' sisters have already finished theirs!!!  

Oh, did I mention that on the eve of my departure I actually have a class to run?  So you'll forgive me for not having a project to share today.  Plus I have birthday cards to send out before we leave as those birthdays are happening whilst I'm away - forward thinking needed I think!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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