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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Number of Years

When the years tick by and you look in the mirror what you see is an older version of you, but inside you think and see yourself much younger and it comes as a bit of a shock!  No, it's not me, but I feel her pain and by the way, we're all in the same boat and I will be following behind in due course!

Our family have never been the kind who make a song and dance about milestone birthdays, and it came as something of a shock when my Sister-in-law announced that this was her 70th!  It took me by surprise as she wears it well, and looks much younger.  Their children booked a cottage big enough so that they could have a long w/e together to mark the occasion and I think that's such a lovely thing to do.

This is the card I made her.  The stamp set is called "Number of Years", and as I had such a busy week, there wasn't time to take a proper photo and I snapped this with my phone.

One of the great advantages of being a Demonstrator is that I have such a wealth of stamp sets to choose from as trying to find the right words for the inside came at a cost!  Any guesses at which other stamp sets I used for the wording?

Give up?  I used Sunshine Sayings for the colour wash background in Wisteria Wonder, "Congratulations" from "Floral Phrases", built a sentence with Thoughtful Banners, and  squeal -SNEAK PEEK at something new.

Nope, I'm not telling until my pre-launch event so as not to spoil the surprise - but it's just bloomin' gorgeous and I love those dies to match!

Happy Sunday!

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