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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

This Little Pig - is it Marmite?

At OnStage Live when they featured "This Little Pig" you should've heard the collective "oohs and ahhs" around the room and it didn't surprise me that some of my class ladies have already bought it or have it on their wish list.

I have to confess that this wasn't on top of my list, and because my customers had bought it, I felt I needed to as well, so that I could do some video tutorials and add value to their investment by showing them different ways they could use this set.  This week it's water colouring and stamping the piggies stacked on top of one another rather than as a single image and other tips too.  Enjoy!

Did you know that if you click on the pictures, it will take you direct to the item in my online store which will give you more detail on the product and you can place an order if you wish.  It would be very much appreciated.  

Now you've watched the video, what's the verdict - love it?  or hate it?  or indifferent?  I hope it's the first one (winks)!!!

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