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Friday, 21 July 2017

Entire 2017-18 Annual Catalogue Washi Tape Collection in a box!

Yay!  I made a box that stores the entire collection of washi tape collection in our current catalogue and that's made me SO happy!  Nice and organised all in one place!  lol!  Little things amusing little minds .... he he!  Do you want to make your own too?

The Foil Frenzy Specialty DSP is just the right weight of DSP to make it fairly sturdy - enjoy!  I haven't shown you how to make the label so that you can create your own and be as fancy as you like. Enjoy!

The materials needed to make the box is listed below, but I have also listed the materials I used for making the tag pictured in the photo, and these additional materials appear after the Simply Scored tool.

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