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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Hello Friend and Tree Rings

Good day everyone!  Earlier this July I taught the Faux Handmade Paper technique in one of my classes and I know that not everybody is comfortable with crumpling up a pristine sheet of card stock.  You can pay a fortune for handmade mulberry paper, and you could quite easily create that handmade look at practically no cost at all!

It is a technique I taught many, many years ago, but I re-visited it and updated it with new stamps.  If you've never done it before here's how.  

You need card stock about 110 gsm which is  the weight of SU coloured card stock.  First you stamp the card stock with a background stamp which correlates with the colour of the card stock you've chosen, then spritz the back (unstamped side) with water and (be brave) crumple it up!  Unravel and repeat until you have the desired distressed look.  Be gentle while the paper is still wet as it may tear. Carefully spread it out and allow to dry thoroughly before working with it.

Of course you can use a bold and contrasting ink colour that compliments your card stock, but I prefer the more subtle look by using the same colour ink as the card stock.  There's no hard and fast rule and, after all, crafting is all about your creativity so experiment and see what you come up with.

Can you spot that new Starburst punch?  I just love how easy it is to make an accent pop!

New to stamping?  Wondered how there are 3 shades of Berry Burst ink?  Simply ink the stamp once, then keep stamping without re-inking twice more for  progressively paler shades!  Easy when you know how!  (grins).

If you're wondering what materials I used, I've listed them here.  If you click on the pictures, they all link to the product in my online store so do have a look around - there is more detailed info on the products FYI and if you wish to take advantage of the Bonus Coupon promotion in July, click here for more information.  

Stampin' hugs and smiles!  Have a great day!

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