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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Orchids Forever!

Are you blessed with green fingers?  Unfortunately, I'm not - and when I've been given anything green, it's tantamount to signing a death warrant for the poor plant - but for some reason, I have more success with orchids - probably by luck rather than judgement.  I put them in the bathroom and they seem to thrive there and keep flowering for weeks.  I confess it's not through any of my efforts, but more by neglect.  The humidity in the bathroom from regular hot baths or steamy showers seem to keep them pretty healthy!

I had fun making this card for my sister-in-law and her husband's anniversary and before I realised, I'd used 4 different stamp sets and 4 different sets of dies to make just one card!  So easy to get carried away.  Then I thought, why wouldn't you, if you have the tools and means to do it with, they're meant to be used after all.   I hope they liked it.

Here's a challenge for you - can you identify which stamps and which dies I used?    Watch out for a video tutorial  on this sometime in the future!

Happy  Sunday!

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